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  1.  Rose of Tralee (M. Spencer/C.W. Glover) Harry at age 8 (1946)  1:33
  2.  Shenandoah (Traditional - arr. H. Middlebrooks)  3:15    Real Player    mp3
  3.  The Sweetheart Tree (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer)  2:04
  4.  And I Love Her  (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)  2:32
  5.  You Can't Be True (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:05
  6.  Scarlet Ribbons (Traditional - arr. Harry Middlebrooks)  3:20
  7.  Endlessly (Clyde Otis/Brook Benton)  3:05
  8.  Since I Fell For You  (Woodrow Johnson)  2:31
  9.  You're Not The Same Girl  (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:21
10.  If Ever I Would Leave You  (Alan J. Lerner/Frederick Loewe) from TV  2:22
11.  Little Girl Blue  (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)  3:49
12.  Where Is Summer?  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:38
13.  Try To Remember  (Tom Jones/Harvey Schmidt)  3:45
14.  What I Need  (Harry Middlebrooks)  from TV  3:03
15.  My Girl Nancy  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:40
16.  Twelfth Of Never  (Jerry Livingston/Paul F. Webster)  from TV  2:13
17.  I Deserve To Cry  (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:29
18.  The Shadow Of Your Smile  (Johnny Mandell/Paul F. Webster)  2:05
19.  The Birthday Song  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:18
20.  I Can Do A Trick  (Arthur Hamilton)  2:58
21.  It's Only Love  (Arthur Hamilton)  3:02
22.  Soon It's Gonna Rain...   (Tom Jones/Harvey Schmidt)  from TV  2:38
23.  Try A Little Tenderness  (J. Campbell/R. Connelly/H.M. Woods)  from TV  2:18
24.  Galway Bay  (Arthur Colohan) 2:18
                            Harry at age 14 <1953>  in the 'Stars of Tomorrow' Talent Show 


I don't remember when I didn't sing.  It came as naturally as walking or talking for me.  And I think it was around age 7 that I began performing for my classmates and in Sunday School and church, and later in local and state talent competitions.  I never really went through that awkward adolescent stage where my voice would crack or break - it just very gradually became a bit lower and more mature.  Also, I never stopped singing solo, as well as in quartets all through high school, college, the army and into my professional life (real first tenors are always in demand).

In fact, my ability to move smoothly into my falsetto from my chest voice without a "break" is what brought me to California in 1966 and my first real opportunity in big-time show biz (Los Angeles TV's "The Middlebrooks Show").  Unfortunately, in 1972 I underwent (perhaps not wisely) two vocal cord operations for polyps that left some scar tissue, making it difficult to reach certain notes that had always been so easy for me.  And though with a year of intense vocal coaching, I was able to regain my singing voice, my sound was forever somewhat altered.  Of course, some folks like my sound better now (i.e., the "voice of experience"..yada, yada...)

Be that as it may, these recordings offered here are some from my exciting past that I'm proud to have kept all these years and am now able to present to you as "The Early Years" ... (And oh, yes, there might be a surprise or two included also...)                                                                                
Harry Middlebrooks