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All songs written by
Harry Middlebrooks, except where noted


   1.  Love Can Move Mountains  3:34      Real Player   mp3
   2.  Dream People  (co-writer: Bonnie Karlyle)  4:16
   3.  More Than A Friend  3:14
   4.  Lord, Let Me  2:35
   5.  A Brighter Day  2:14
   6.  Just A Little More Love  3:34
   7.  Unconditional Love  2:50 
   8.  Morning In The Mountains (co-writer:  Don Baird)  3:16
   9.  Reach For Tomorrow (Arthur Hamilton)  2:45
  10. It's Not Enough  2:55
  11. What Would I Do Without My Music (co-writer: Bruce Belland)  2:51
  12. Speak To The Sky (Rick Springfield)  2:46
  13. Let Me Fly  2:53
  14. Reach Up (guest vocalist:  Irene Cathaway)  2:20
  15. Knowing You (Graham Kendrick)  4:37
  16. A Baby For Christmas  3:42
  17. Another Word For Christmas  4:26
  18. Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth (duet with Chris Halsted)  2:53
  19. Love Can Move Mountains (reprise with choir)  3:26
  20. Speedwell  (Traditional - arr. H. Middlebrooks)  2:08
  21. God Be With You  (Jeremiah E. Rankin) The Harry Middlebrooks Singers 1:14

The songs on this album CD are ones of hope, inspiration, and joy.  While not all purely religious in nature,   what these songs have in common is their positive message (i.e., seeing the glass "half-full").

There are three songs here that celebrate the Christmas Season, certainly a joyous and spiritual time of year, but most are about expressing the love between people - or (if you so choose) between a person and his/her Maker.  And there is one song, "Unconditional Love" that expresses the relationship of some people to their cherished pet animals.  I proudly am one of those people.

All in all, this CD hopefully will help, in some small way, to lift the human spirit from the cares and problems of our daily lives - and maybe even bring a smile or two along the way.

                                                                                                                           HARRY MIDDLEBROOKS