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  1.  Georgia On My Mind  (H. Carmichael/ S. Gorrell) "live" in concert  4:26  Real Player   mp3
   2.  Down Here On The Ground  Theme from COOL HAND LUKE   (L. Schrifrin / G. Garnett)  3:31
   3.  Lost  From Broadway's ERNEST IN LOVE  (L. Pockriss / A Crosswell)  4:23
   4.  Dream Me Home  (Mac Davis)  3:00
   5.  It Could Happen To You  (J. Burke / J. Van Heusen)  3:11
   6.  Somewhere  From WEST SIDE STORY (L. Bernstein / S. Sondheim)
                                a "live" concert recording 3:34
   7.  Lover, Come Back To Me  From NEW MOON (S. Romberg / O. Hammerstein)  3:11
   8.  Lovers Such As I  From album A TRAMP SHINING (Jimmy Webb)  2:54
   9.  If You Ever Leave Me  (T. Hatch / Y. Harvey)  4:31
 10.  This Is All I Ask  (Gordon Jenkins) a "live" nightclub recording  4:18
 11.  It Had To Be You  (G. Kahn / I. Jones)  a "live" TV performance  1:57
 12.  Houston (I'm Coming To See You)  (D. Paich)  3:55
 13.  Once Upon A Time  From ALL-AMERICAN  (L. Adams / C. Strouse) 2:58
 14.  Soon It's Gonna Rain  From THE FANTASTICKS (T. Jones / H. Schmidt)  3:21
 15.  This Nearly Was Mine  From SOUTH PACIFIC  (R. Rodgers / O. Hammerstein)
                                                a "live" concert performance  4:14
 16.  All I See Is You  (C. Westlake / B. Weisman)  2:58


Having recorded and performed for so many years, for so many different kinds of audiences, I have naturally learned to love certain songs more than others.  And even though that list would indeed be a long one, on this album-CD I have tried to pick some songs that I particularly like to sing.  Most of these songs are pure ballads, because I've always felt I could capture the meaning and sensitivity of the lyrics better on those songs.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

Special note:  These recordings are from various stages of my career, and there are several "live" concert/nightclub recordings included;  so please forgive any extraneous (i.e., audience or band) noises you may encounter.  (No sneezes though - that would not be acceptable!)

                                                                                                                                                              HARRY MIDDLEBROOKS