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All songs composed by Harry Middlebrooks (BMI) except 
track 16, by Billy Edd Wheeler










1.  This Heartburn's For You  2:18
  2Is It Hot In Here (Or Is It Me)  3:22    Real Player     mp3
  3.  Love Burns A Hole In My Pocket"  2:47
  4.  Skin and Bones"  2:56
  5.  Ugly Woman Song (I Wonder How It Happened)   2:21

  6.  Piano Playin' Fool  2:29
  7.  Drinkin' In A Place Called 'Eat' 3:39
  8.  More Like I Do Now  2:40
  9.  Beer-Hall Cowboy  3:28
 10. Southern Standard Time"   3:10
 11. Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me Out)     2:37 
 12. Mama And Papa  3:28
 13. Let's Go Get Drunk (And Be Somebody)  2:54
 14. Idaho Van    3:10
 15. High And Dry  2:50
16. Anne   2:44


  It seems that no artist at present is recording and/or releasing what we call good ole country comedy songs.  In the past, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Sheb Wooley (as Ben Colder), Ray Stevens, Jerry Reed and a few others favored us with wonderful bits of humor in their music.  But at present, it appears to be somewhat of a lost art.

Harry Middlebrooks, recording under his alter-ego name, Hank Roving (a term of measurement derived from his days as a Georgia Tech textile major) has been writing and recording humorous songs for many years and has assembled here such a group for your listening pleasure...

So grab a beer (or, if you prefer, some "sweet tea"), lean back and enjoy the "words of wisdom" (debatable...) and musical stylings of Hank Roving and the Lintheads.....