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  1.  500 Miles (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:04    Real Player    mp3
  2.  You Wouldn't Know A Good Thing  (Jerry Reed)  2:58
  3.  For Baby  (John Denver)  2:26
  4.  Shenandoah  (Traditional:  arr:  Harry Middlebrooks)  3:16
  5.  Solitary Man  (Neil Diamond)  2:20
  6.  Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings  (Mickey Newbury)  3:10
  7.  How Did You Get To Be That Way  (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:46
  8.  My, My, Mama  (Freddy Weller / Tommy Roe)  3:52
 9 .  Fine On My Mind  (Jerry Reed)  2:39
10.  Let Me Love You  (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:40
11.  It Makes No Difference  (Bert Kaempfert  Herbert Rehbein)  2:36
12.  I Still Send Her Flowers  (Jack Segal / Bob Wells)  2:48
13.  Sweet Memories  (Mickey Newbury)  3:16
14.  Bad Water  (Ray Charles)  3:33

  The songs on this CD were initially recorded with the intention of one day being completed and released as masters on several different record labels.  For whatever reasons, this never transpired - so we've literally removed them from the shelves, "dusted them off" and completed the arrangements where needed so that you may finally hear them for yourselves.

It's an interesting mix of several musical styles, but hopefully all enjoyable to those who like my singing and the solid musicianship involved.  I'm proud of these recordings and hope you like them, too.

                                                                                                                                         HARRY MIDDLEBROOKS