TV & Film Credits



   The Simpsons Singing Clock
   King of Queens Nightclub Musician
   Amelia Earhart (World Premiere Movie) Joe (A chauvinistic Texas hick)
   Dallas ("Triangle") Mervin Hall (Owner of Down-home Recording Studios)
   Little House On The Prairie ("The Older Brothers") Frank James (Famous outlaw brother)
   Every Which Way But Loose (Feature Film) Piano player for Mel Tillis (At the Palomino Club)
   Quincy ("Ashes to Ashes") Piano player (Witness to a murder)
   Divorce Court ("Percy vs Percy") Walter Percy (Defendant in a divorce case)
   Harper Valley P.T.A. (Feature Film) Virge (A raucous piano-playing beer salesman)
   B.J. And The Bear ("Cain's Son-In-Law") Judge Parker (A hokey Justice of the Peace)
   Shannon (Series Pilot) Piano Man (Lounge Performer)
   The Sophisticated Gents (World Premiere Movie) Detective Smith (A cop on the take)
   Quirks (Feature Film) Mayor Thrush (Shady politician)
   Me and Mrs. C ("It's My Party") Harry (Party guest piano-player & sing-along leader)
   Gunsmoke ("The Squaw") Dobie Gray (A raunchy outlaw on the run)
   Tailgunner Joe (World Premiere Movie) Soundman (A recording engineer)
   Ironside / Sarge ("Priest Killer") Singing Priest (Victim of bomber)
   Tales of The Unexpected ("A Hand for Sonny Blue") Bobby (Bandleader and emcee)
   The Middlebrooks Show (Weekly Variety) Himself (Host/Star)



   H.M.S. Pinafore (Classic Gilbert & Sullivan) The Captain (Male Lead)
   Solid Gold Cadillac (American Stage Play) Clifford Snell (Corporation Director)
   West Side Story (Classic American Musical) Jimmy the Jet (Gang Member)
   No Time for Sergeants (Novel Adaptation) Sgt. King (Platoon Sergeant)



   Acting:   Jean Toner (Atlanta) Singer - Musician (Keyboards)
                  Richard Rosomme  (Virginia) Film Composer / songwriter
                  Victor French (Los Angeles) Record Producer
   Diction Dialects:  Mary Nell Santacroce (Atlanta)   Athlete (Tennis, Softball, Track,
   Voice:    Inga Lundeen (Atlanta )              Football, Basketball, Swimming, etc.)
                  Robert Sellon (Los Angeles) Rural Accents (Southern / Country)
                  Seth Riggs (Los Angeles)    


Mr. Middlebrooks has done extensive voice-over looping (ADR) on many projects for, among others, Universal Studios (Magnum  P.I.,  McCloud, B.L. Stryker, etc.) and because of his musical background Walt Disney Productions (first for Epcot Center and more recently as two of the featured bears on Disneyland / Disneyworld's popular musical County Bear Jamboree!).

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