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  1.  Rock-An'-Roll Idols* (co-writer: Larry Paxton)   3:03
  2.  Feast Or Famine*  2:52
  3.  His-Tory*  4:22
  4.  Fantasies*  (co-writer:  John Hobbs)  3:45
  5.  Everybody Ought To Love Someone*  2:12
  6.  Talk*  2:24   Real Player     mp3
  7.  Don't Look Down Your Nose*  3:33
  8.  Too Many Nights*  3:32
  9.  Spooky* (co-writers: Mike Shapiro / Buddy Buie / J.R. Cobb)  2:38
10.  Reality*  (co-writer: John Hobbs)  2:55
11.  A Strong Possibility*  3:46
12.  Take Away*  3:48
13.  I Wanta Sing About It*  3:20
14.  Don't Let Me Down*  2:52
15.  Look Inside My Soul*  (co-writer:  John Hobbs)  3:08
16.  Love Alone Don't Get It*  (co-writer:  Bruce Belland)  3:00
17.  Think About Makin' Love*  2:39
18.  Somebody's Sweetheart*  (co-writer:  Don Baird)  3:22
19.  Walk A Mile In My Shoes  (Joe South)  4:06
20.  Cotton Fields  (Huddie Ledbetter)  4:09
21.  Pick Your Poison  (Larry Paxton)  2:20
22.  Green River  (John Fogarty)  4:55
23.  Rock-An'-Roll Medley  (Chuck Berry / Ray Charles / Jerry Lee   
       Lewis / Richard Penniman) 4:49

     *Written by Harry Middlebrooks



I started out in my professional career with rock-an'-roll bands (The COLLEGIANS at Georgia Tech - and after graduation, HARRY M and the MARVELS on ABC-Paramount Records).  This was a natural progression for me, because my musical influences in high school (mid-1950's) in Georgia were heavily weighted with rhythm and blues, gospel, and of course, good ole rock-an'-roll.  That's what was being played on local radio - not to mention the powerful Nashville station WLAC that all the kids listened to at night while riding around (and "makin' out" ...).

And even though I have a classical background (12 years of serious piano lessons), and grew up listening to Bing Crosby, Perry Como, etc., I nevertheless learned to rock with the best of them (I first sat in on piano at the local National Guard Armory with soul-man Wayne Cochran, another Thomaston, GA native).  And, believe me, I still enjoy "rocking out" whenever it's appropriate.

This CD contains a lot of my original compositions - and a few by some friends (Joe South, Larry Paxton, John Hobbs) as well as a taste from legends Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee, Little Richard, and John Fogarty ... Now slip in the CD - and let's rock...!

                                                                                                                                                         HARRY MIDDLEBROOKS