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   1.  The Vow  4:13
 2.  Many Years Ago, Many Tears Ago  2:47
 3.  Lots Of Matchbooks   3:18
 4.  Days That End In Y  (Co-writer: Don Baird)  3:24
 5.  I Went Back To Georgia  3:44
 6.  Somewhere Between Livin' and Dyin'  2:20
 7.  She Knows  3:04
 8.  She Reminds Me  2:34
 9.  The House  3:38   Real Player    mp3
11.  Heaven To Heartache (with Co-writer Carol Chase)  3:22
12.  A Daughter's Question  4:08
13.  Leave Your Memory Behind  2:13
14.  You're Worth Every Teardrop  (Co-writer: Don Baird) 2:15
15.  How Did You Get To Be That Way?  2:16
16.  Leave In The Middle Of The Night  2:16
17   Honest Eyes  (Co-writer: Don Baird)  2:23
18.  Breaking A Habit  3:06
19.  Perfume On My Pillow  (Co-writer:  Bruce Belland)  3:25
20.  The Very Last Goodbye   (Co-writer: Carol Chase)  2:50
Why Can't I Love Her?  2:18
22.  The Loner  3:09
23.  Hope   3:13
24.  Be Kind To Her  (Co-writer: Jerry Fuller)  2:57
25.  Back In Louisville  2:16
  As you may or may not know, I grew up in small-town Georgia:  Thomaston - population 10,000.  My musical influences were many, not the least of  which was, of course, country.  And like many others, I've always felt that country music is really music "of the people", in that most of the songs tell a story, or in some way convey the many different emotions that folks encounter in their daily lives - through courtships, marriage, children, divorce, tragedies, good times, etc.

I really enjoy writing and singing country songs, and I surely hope you like these on this CD......

                                                                                                                                                           Harry Middlebrooks