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  1.  Thank You, Lady Liberty  (Harry Middlebrooks-co-writer: BobDuncan)  Real Player   mp3
  2.  It's Not Enough  (Harry Middlebrooks)
  3.  American Prayer  Vocal by Harry Middlebrooks
  4.  Georgia On My Mind  Vocal by Harry Middlebrooks
  5.  Shenandoah  Vocal by Harry Middlebrooks
  6.  New York, New York  Vocal by Terry Gregory
  7.  God Bless The U.S.A.  Vocal by Terry Gregory


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Harry Middlebrooks is a veteran singer/musician/songwriter ("Spooky").  Originally from Georgia, he has spent years in California writing for, and appearing with, many of the musical greats (Elvis, Glen Campbell, Liberace, Eddy Arnold, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tom Jones, Della Reese, Oak Ridge Boys, Roy Clark, etc.).

A former lieutenant in the Army, Harry an fellow composer, Bob Duncan, have captured here in song, the true essence of our Lady Of The Harbor - something they felt heretofore had never been completely done.

In these days of greatly-renewed American patriotism, "THANK YOU, LADY LIBERTY" is indeed a timely and welcome addition to our list of national musical treasures ..."THANK YOU, LADY LIBERTY" has been accepted into the Archives Of The Statue of Liberty.