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    1.  Give It Time  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:08
   2.  Talking In Your Sleep  (Gordon Lightfoot)  3:13
   3.  More Like I Do Now  (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:30
   4.  I Went Back To Georgia  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:45
   5.  Strangers  (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil)  2:17
   6.  Take Me Home, Country Roads  (John Denver/Bill Danoff/Taffy Nivert  3:50
   7.  If A Man Answers  (Bobby Darin)  2:46  Real Player    mp3
   8.  Leavin' Is So Hard To Do  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:00
   9.  Why Did You Change Your Mind?   (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:16     
 10.  Back In Louisville  (Harry Middlebrooks)  2:16
 11.  What I Need  (Harry Middlebrooks)  3:06
 12.  Walk A Mile In My Shoes  (Joe South)  4:10
 13.  Speak To The Sky   (Rick Springfield)  [Bonus Track]  2:51  
 14.  Bad Water  (Ray Charles)   [Bonus Track]  3:37

Strings on 1, 4, 8 and 9 arranged by Jimmie Haskell



This album was recorded in 1972-1973 at the PRODUCERS WORKSHOP Studios in Hollywood (where I was under contract as an artist/producer) and released on the independent AVI RECORDS label.

Several of the musicians involved later joined Neil Diamond's band:  Dennis St. John (drums), Allen Lindgren (keyboards), Richard Bennett (guitar), and the versatile Emory Gordy, Jr. (now married to, and producing singer, Patty Loveless).  They were all featured on the "Hot August Night"  best-selling live concert album and in Neil's feature - film debut, "The Jazz Singer".

PRODUCERS WORKSHOP was a very popular recording studio at the time, having as clients, among others: FLEETWOOD MAC, Harry Nillson, Liberace, STEELY DAN, Melissa Manchester, and Ringo Starr...

While making this record, I was also recording an all-instrumental album of "Southern-style" music:  The MIDDLEBROOKS MUSICAL ENSEMBLE (And Pick-up Band) that was later released on Ranwood Records.  Both were a lot of fun to make, and involved many of my good friends and favorite performers - both singers and musicians...

                                                                                                              Harry Middlebrooks