And Then I Wrote


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   1.  Somebody Loves you 3:30      Real Player    mp3
   2.  10 Years After  3:36
   3.  Know My Love  3:15
   4.  I Deserve To Cry  3:02
   5.  The Last Island  3:05
   6.  Good Old Days  2:47
   7.  Didn't You  (co-writer: Jerry Fuller)  3:14
   8.  She Loved My Music  3:09
   9.  You're So Right For Me  (co-writer: Don Baird)  3:57
 10.  The Other Guy  3:48
 11.  She's Still Beautiful  (co-writer: Bruce Belland)  3:40
 12.  What Would I Do Without My Music  (co-writer: Bruce Belland) 2:52
 13.  You  3:30
 14.  I Can See The Hurt  (co-writer: Larry Paxton)  3:34
 15.  Something Beautiful  2:57
 16.  Let Me Love You  2:37
 17.  Tiger's Song  2:37
 18.  I Know You  3:22
 19.  A Sad Goodbye  3:56
 20.  I've Been Burned Before  (co-writer: Bruce Belland)  3:36
 21.  See You At The Top  (co-writer: Bruce Belland)  4:12
 22.  Nowhere  3:06
 23.  Hopelessly A Fool  (co-writer: Larry Paxton)  2:43
   All songs written, arranged, and performed by Harry Middlebrooks
                                             (with help from his friends)


This CD contains many of my best compositions over the past 45 years.  And though some of them have been recorded by various artists, there are still many here that have never been exposed to the general public.  I am, nonetheless, proud of these songs and welcome the chance to present them to you now.

I'm joined on these recordings by some of the very best musicians in the country, many of whom I have known and worked with for years - in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Nashville.  Their contributions to my long career are beyond measure, and I am forever grateful for their friendship and marvelously-shared talents.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my co-writers on several of these songs:  Don Baird (my lifelong friend), Bruce Belland (founding and longtime member of the 4 PREPS), Larry Paxton (my longtime bass player and now big-time film composer), and Jerry Fuller (award-winning writer/producer).  Their uniquely creative ideas always inspire me to reach greater heights as a songwriter.

As you might expect, many of these songs were created from my own life experiences.  Perhaps you'll relate to them in your own way....

                                                                                                                                                                HARRY MIDDLEBROOKS